Advertise Your Business

eBay Local Services Ads is a self-service online advertising tool for local service businesses in the UK. You will be able to place ads on eBay’s website and reach potential customers in eBay’s community of millions of users that would be interested in your service. We want to help you grow!

For businesses of all sizes - small, medium or large. This is for you!

eBay Local Services Advertising is for any company that provides a service to their local community. Examples include hair salon, handyman, pest control, photography, dance studio, babysitters and more.

Advertise where there are better potential customers for your business

We know what your customers are buying. By using eBay’s knowledge of users’ search and purchase behavior, we show your ads on eBay’s website to people who have searched for or purchased something related to your business.

Advertise where millions of people are already in a buying mood

Millions of people are already shopping on eBay UK and in a buying mood. They’re ready to shop for your service too!

What is this and who is it for

What do you get

Time saving

Our advertising booking solution is open 24-hours a day for you to book your campaign at any time.

Easy booking

Book advertising campaigns using your own creative assets across our available media products and choose the appropriate targeting and budgets that work best for you.

Manage all Orders

From forecasting ad impression availabilities, to pacing and reporting, get all the info you need to set up and manage your campaigns.

No Insertion Order

No paperwork, no hassle, launch your campaign faster and speed up turnaround times.

How to use the Platform